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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Similar to clothes and shoes, engagement rings also come in a wide variety of styles. From glam to dainty, there’s bound to be a style that fits perfectly into your wardrobe. The difference between choosing a ring style and your next piece of clothing? An engagement ring is for life! That means it’s a decision that shouldn’t come lightly. Research is the key to ensuring you find the one that looks and wears exactly how you want so you can be happy with it for years to come.

While sifting through the seemingly endless selection of different types of engagement rings may seem overwhelming at first, there are some ways to make the process easier. The first few things you should decide on before beginning your engagement ring search are your price range, your stone of choice (whether you have environmental concerns about mined diamonds and would prefer something man made), and the style that you can see yourself loving for the rest of your life. Once you have at least a basic understanding of these preferences, you can begin to narrow down your options and more easily select the perfect traditional or simulated diamond jewelry.

The most popular styles and top engagement rings of all time have many benefits, which is why they’re so popular in the first place. Popular simple designs—like Round Brilliant solitaires—are timeless and versatile so they will never go out of style. More dazzling designs—such as halo and accented rings—feature an abundance of sparkle and will be the center of attention. No matter which one you choose, there will be plenty of benefits that come with it.

  • With a popular design, there’s no doubt that your ring will be stylish. You can be confident knowing that you can show your ring off to any crowd since it reflects current trends.
  • You can also purchase your ring with ease knowing that your jeweler knows how to craft it to perfection—from the amount of metal it needs to hold your stone securely to the carat weights that will complement it the best.
  • If you know someone who has a similar design, you can ask advice on durability and style after years of everyday wear.

Shopping for and trying to find best time to buy an engagement ring is such an exciting endeavor. Finding the right ring is an important part of the engagement process as it symbolizes your commitment to each other. That’s why choosing the right style is so important. Learn about each of the different popular ring styles and their pros and cons to determine which one is right for you and your loved one.

    • Solitaire: This style of engagement ring features just one stone- whether a diamond, colored gemstone or diamond simulant- at the center. Since it’s paired with an unadorned band, its design is relatively simple. While this may be the case for the majority of solitaires, your choice of setting and stone shape can have a big effect on appearance. Elongated shapes like Pear and Marquise, can transform a basic design into a bold statement ring. So no matter if you’re looking for a glam or simple design, a solitaire ring may just be the right one for you.
    • Accented: The sparkle that radiates from accented rings is captivating, and a key reason as to why they are so popular. Modern styles tend to feature very thin bands adorned with dainty Round Brilliant accent stones. While this ring design is as classic as it is dazzling, you should choose your accent stone setting carefully to ensure they stay secure during everyday wear. Prong and bezel settings are on the more secure side, while channel and pave settings tend to be riskier as accent stones are more prone to falling out. If you do opt for a less secure setting and live a more active lifestyle, think about purchasing engagement ring insurance so that you are covered if anything happens.
    • Halo: For those that love as much sparkle as they can get, a halo engagement ring may be the perfect style to flaunt on the daily. With a stunning center stone surrounded by a halo of accents, they usually don’t go unnoticed. This is especially true when accents are added to the shank, upping the shine factor. Keep in mind, any design with small accents stones is at risk for stones occasionally falling out. This shouldn’t deter you away from the style, but this is another style that is best when purchased with ring insurance.
    • Three Stone: All engagement rings have meaning behind them because they represent your relationship, but styles like three stone rings have added depth and symbolism. These rings are associated with past, present and future of a relationship and can allow you to hold these memories close to your heart. while this style has been around for some time, they recently regained popularity. Many celebrities (and even some members of royalty) have chosen this trendy style for their engagement ring. Not only are three stone rings incredibly meaningful, but with three times the sparkle, they are sure to stand out in the crowd.
    • Vintage: Whether you’re an old soul or a modern trendsetter, vintage style designs are a surefire way to show off your style. They incorporate traditional inspiration while still infusing popular details, creating an artistic vibe. Choose a rose gold shank or mix warm metals to take this style to the next level. A benefit to vintage designs is that they can be handed down through generations and still be considered stylish.
  • Dainty: If you like the look of simple styles but want additional fine details, then a dainty design could be right for you. A misconception is that dainty rings are always solitaires, which isn’t correct. They can feature anything from minimal accents stones to a thin shank with metalwork to create an overall dainty vibe. These designs aren’t for everyone as they’re rather modest, but they can include anything from unique details to sparkle making them very versatile.

There’s a reason why there are a few most popular engagement ring styles. Whether it’s because they’re stylish, timeless or a combination of both, popular engagement rings are great styles to choose from. A benefit of choosing a popular style is that the jeweler you purchase through will know everything there is to know about the type of ring and can properly inform you.

    • Glam: It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear that the most glamorous types of engagement rings tend to be the most popular. Who doesn’t want all the sparkle they can get? Plus, when you opt for a simulated diamonds- like Nexus Diamond™ alternatives- you can get all the sparkle you want at a fraction of the cost of regular diamond jewelry. Different types of engagement rings that fall under this category include both halo and accented styles. If you really want a statement ring, you can even combine these two styles for a ring with three times the stun factor.
  • Classic: While glam rings take the cake for their obvious dazzle, classic engagement ring styles are just as popular but for very different reasons. Classic styles are loved because of their simplicity and timelessness. Both solitaire and dainty ring designs fall under this category, but there are many other details that are associated with classic engagement ring styles. Yellow gold metal type, thin shanks and tasteful accent stones are just some of the most commonly spotted features. The best part of this type of engagement ring though is its ability to be handed down for generations. Since it will never go out of style, you can.

Thanks to advanced technology, you now have more options than ever when it comes to the stone of your engagement ring. For decades the obvious choice was earth-grown diamonds, but now there is no obvious option. Before you head to the nearest jeweler- in-person or in the comfort of your home- know about all of your choices so you can pick the stone that best matches your budget, style and personal beliefs.

    • Mined Diamonds: Diamonds are revered for their obvious beauty, but mined diamonds are falsely associated with being rare and we now know that’s not true. They are made of a carbon crystalline structure, making them the hardest substance on Earth. Although their durability makes them a great choice for such an important everyday adornment, they can still chip and scratch under the right circumstances. That’s why they need to be properly taken care of to stay in pristine heirloom condition.
    • Lab Grown Diamonds: Identical to mined diamonds in every single way, lab grown diamonds are the newest and hottest new diamond on the market. They are created in a lab by replicating the natural processes of diamond growing. They too are made of a carbon crystalline structure, which means they are in every way the same as a diamond found in the earth. The only differences? They cost up to 40% less than comparable mined diamonds and aren’t associated with the unethical practices of diamond mining. That means you can get the same look and sparkle you want, without feeling guilty about your budget or diamond origin.
  • Simulated Diamonds: Simulated diamonds have also become technologically superior to out-dated mined diamonds. There are many different options on the market—some that look a lot like diamonds, and some that don’t. It’s important to research all of your options so you can be sure to get a stone you love that’s durable enough for long-term wear. Some simulated diamonds—like Nexus Diamond™ alternatives—are created to most closely simulate the look, weight and wear of a perfect diamond. They also exceed the durability of other simulated diamonds, as they are rated a 9.1 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, whereas mined diamond and lab grown diamonds are rated a 10.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Now that you know all about popular engagement rings and know where to start in your search, you can find the perfect one. It may seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but once you’ve landed on it, you will know without a doubt that it’s the absolute perfect one.

Whether you choose something simple like a solitaire, robust like a halo, or opt for the timeless elegance of a diamond engagement ring enhancer, your ring should represent your personal style and lifestyle. Adding an extra layer of sophistication and brilliance, the Diamond Engagement Ring Enhancer stands out as a captivating option for those who seek a touch of uniqueness in their ring. Taking into consideration how active you are, or how to clean your engagement ring are other factors in choosing the perfect ring. It should also be a design that you can love throughout the years, no matter which trends are in-style. Once you choose the style and stone, the rest of the decisions will fall into place.

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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