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Pure Carbon
Created Diamonds

Whether you call them lab created, synthetic, or man-made diamonds, what you are seeking is the perfect, conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You've come to the right place! When comparing a Pure Carbon Created Diamond to its mined counterpart, there are three key measures of performance to consider:

Phyiscal Qualities


The look & feel of the stone

Optical Qualities


How the stone reflects light

Chemical Qualities


What the stone is made of

In our collection, we have both colorless Pure Carbon Created Diamonds which exactly mirror the finest mined diamonds on all three measures, they simply are diamonds, only made in our labs, not mined from the earth, and also our patent-pending Nexus Diamond gemstones, which look and wear exactly like mined diamonds, but are not the same chemically.

Our Pure Carbon Created Diamonds will save you approximately 50% when compared to earth-mined diamonds, and our Nexus Diamond gemstones are very affordable, costing only $149 per carat for certified stones.

Both options, Pure Carbon Created Diamonds and our Nexus Diamonds are eco-friendly and completely conflict-free. They offer you a great opportunity to save money and make the world just a little bit better.

To shop our Nexus Diamonds, please click the "Nexus Diamond Engagement Rings" link below. To shop our man Pure Carbon Created Diamond collection, please visit the "Pure Carbon Created Diamond Engagement Rings" link below.

Can you see

the difference?

Seeing is believing and when I received my Diamond Nexus, I was astounded in the quality, size and design of this ring.

- Colleen T.

I am thrilled with my DNL pieces, and will never buy the advertising hype, or the price tag of mined diamonds again!

- Gayle C.

It allows me to afford the look I want in a diamond. Moreover, why pay more when I can get something identical for less?

- Jennifer T.

Nexus Diamond Engagement Rings Shop Now

Nexus Diamond Engagement Rings

Pure Carbon Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Pure Carbon Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Diamond Nexus?

Why Diamond Nexus?