Pure Carbon
Man Made Diamonds

Pure Carbon Diamonds
Pure Carbon Man Made Diamonds

There is absolutely no reason to buy diamonds that are mined from the earth.

Lab-created, man made, synthetic: there are alternatives to mined diamonds. And they are fantastic.

No longer are mined diamonds the only choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Eco/ethical concerns, coupled with technology advances, have made alternatives not just acceptable, but preferred. Our patented man made diamonds are now, for all practical purposes, identical to mined diamonds in their physical and optical properties.

The 3 key measures of performance The 3 key measurements of performance
The 3 key measures of performance
The three key measures of performance to consider as you choose your stone:
Physical Optical Chemical
We offer the two best alternatives to mined diamonds: The True Grown Diamond™ and the Contemporary Nexus Diamond™.

1215 Engagement offers True Grown Diamonds

True Grown Diamonds are in every way equivalent to mined diamonds, except that they do not come from the earth. They are 100 percent carbon, so everything (including the flaws and grading) is identical to mined diamonds. Our True Grown Diamonds will save you approximately 30-50 percent on your stone when compared to earth-mined diamonds.

Diamond Nexus offers Contemporary Nexus Diamonds

The patented Contemporary Nexus Diamond is unlike any other diamond alternative. It’s in a class by itself, and can’t really be compared to any other simulant. The Nexus Diamond is graded and rated just as mined diamonds are for cut, color and clarity; they are flawless and perfect in every way. They are extremely durable and cut glass as a mined diamond would. They are visually identical to the highest quality mined diamonds; an experienced jeweler with a loupe cannot tell them apart. And they’re guaranteed to be visually perfect forever. Nexus Diamonds cost approximately 70 - 90 percent less than mined diamonds.

Can you see the difference?

Seeing is believing and when I received my (ring from) Diamond Nexus, I was astounded in the quality, size and design.


I am thrilled with my DNL pieces, and will never buy the advertising hype, or the price tag of mined diamonds again!


It allows me to afford the look I want in a diamond. Moreover, why pay more when I can get something identical for less?


The earrings were as described and delivery was on time and well packaged. I was very satisfied and would purchase from them again.


My experience was awesome! Everything ran perfect. I will be shopping here again.


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