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Whether you call them pure carbon created, Nexus, or man made diamonds, what you are seeking is the perfect, conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You've come to the right place! When comparing a man made diamond to its mined counterpart, there are three key measures of performance to consider:

Physical - the look and feel of the stone | Optical - how the stone reflects light | Chemical - what it is made of

In our collection, we have both canary yellow and white Pure Carbon Man Made Diamonds each of which exactly mirrors the finest mined diamonds on all three measures.

One thing you should know is that man made white diamonds, whether you purchase them here at Diamond Nexus or anywhere else, are available in sizes only up to a half carat. The fact is, that as you grow white man made diamonds to a more popular 1ct or greater size, the cost is exorbitant... nearly approaching the cost of a flawless white mined diamond.

Good News! We offer an exceptional patent pending Diamond Simulant that will take your breath away. And, there’s no limit to the size or cut you can select!

So if you are looking for an exceptional gem comparable to the finest D color, flawless mined diamond... your search is over. The only one who will know the difference is your wallet.

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