Spotlight on the 4Cs

How do our stones measure up to a diamond?

Generally, a jeweler will evaluate a diamond by assessing the 4C’s: Clarity, Color, Carat, and Cut. Review the graphics below carefully to see how we stack up to a mined stone. We’re sure you’ll be excited about the results.

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Clarity describes the purity of a diamond. This is determined by the number, size, nature, and location of the internal inclusions and external imperfections. The highest purity rating attainable is IF (internally flawless). All of our Diamond Simulants are IF rated.

What Clarity Means


Color describes the amount of color a diamond contains. The color scale ranges from absolutely colorless (D color) which is the most preferred, all the way down to colors that can be quite gray and muddy looking. In addition to white stones, diamonds can come in some pretty intense colors called "fancy colors" which may be yellow, red, pink, blue, and even green. But when most people think of a diamond, they are thinking of the traditional white diamond. All of our Diamond Simulants are D Color.

What Color Means


Carat is the unit of weight for a diamond. In nature, large diamonds are much rarer than small ones, so they will come with a much higher price tag. A three carat stone may be priced as high as twenty times the price of a one carat stone. Diamond Nexus gemstones are not subject to this issue of size scarcity because we are able to create the same thing in a lab. All of our Diamond Simulants carry the same per-carat price.

What Carat Means


Cut speaks to the way a diamond’s proportions are created. It is really quite mathematical. An ideally cut diamond will yield the most fire and brilliance. In the jewelry industry, the Ideal Cut Formula was first developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian diamond cutter and engineer. All Diamonds, mined and our own will be cut as close to ideal as possible. All of our Diamond Nexus Simulants are cut using the Ideal Cut Formula.

What Cut Means
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