Gemstone Shapes

Our loose Diamond Simulants are offered in a variety of cuts and sizes as small as 0.11 carats and as large as 16.03 carats. Even larger sizes are available by custom order.

Available in both Classic Series ($99/carat) and Certified Signature Series ($149/carat). Certified Signature Series Diamond Simulants come with a full grading report and laser inscription on the girdle of the stone for identification and authentification purposes.

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  • Asscher Cut

    Asscher Cut
    A beautifully unique, antique cut developed in the early 1900’s. The beauty of this elegant cut is that it draws the eye deep into the stone’s center, which is the exact opposite of modern gem cuts in which the facets repel the eye in the name of brilliance.

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut
    A step cut with broad, flat planed facets. The emerald cut shows less brilliance and dispersion (fire) than the other brilliant cut diamonds, but it has a classic elegance preferred by many. Its large, open table highlights a stone’s clarity.

  • Oval Cut

    Oval Cut
    Very similar to a round except it is elliptical. Invented in the early 1960s, this shape has a bigger surface area than a round with the same carat weight, and therefore is an excellent option for those looking for the brilliance of the round in a larger size.

  • Triangle Cut

    Triangle Cut
    A stepped facet cut in the shape of a wedge. Used in a variety of heart-stirring jewelry, but most often commands center stage in ladies’ pendants.

  • Cushion Cut

    Cushion Cut
    A romantic antique cut also known as the pillow cut. Popular since 1830, the beauty of this cut is in the depth of the jewel, as well as its luxurious breadth which makes the stone appear larger.

  • Pear Cut

    Pear Cut
    This popular cut with a single point and rounded end looks like a tear drop. The unique look and the difficulty in executing the cut have long made it a favorite of royalty.

  • Round Cut

    Round Cut
    The most popular, researched, and classic of all cuts.Generally, a 58 facet cut withproportions designed to maximize brilliance and dispersion (fire). When cut to perfect Ideal Cut standards, it’s the most brilliant of cuts and will show beautiful "Hearts & Arrows."

  • Trillion Cut

    Trillion Cut
    A dazzling and versatile triangle shape with truncated corners. One of the more unusual cuts, it displays a very sharp brilliance. Its large, well-proportioned surface area results in a big look: a one-carat trillion will look as large as a one-and-a-half carat round gemstone.

  • Radiant Cut

    Radiant Cut
    A beautiful combination of the classic elegance of the emerald cut and the sparkle of the round brilliant. Similar to a princess, but with a rectangular outline and blocked corners like those of an emerald cut. The radiant cut is dramatic as a solitaire but also looks great paired with side staging stones such as baguettes, trillions, or princess shapes.

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut
    Square in shape with pointed corners, this cut is second in popularity to the round brilliant. With 76 facets, it is very brilliant and full of fire. A very popular engagement ring choice.

  • Marquise Cut

    Marquise Cut
    A brilliant cut stone with a unique shape that, like the trillion cut, can maximize carat weight giving you the appearance of a much larger stone. Often set with round or pear shaped side stones, it can lend a slender, long look to the hand.

  • Heart Cut

    Heart Cut
    The ultimate symbol of love. Its rounded pavilion gives it the heightened brilliance of a round cut gem, while the pointed bottom and curved arches at the top complete the shape with symmetry and romantic sparkle.

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