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The art of gemstone cutting


A perfectly cut gemstone refracts light in a very specific way. If the faceting angles and transitions exactly match the Ideal Cut Formula, first set down by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, the stone will refract a dazzling pattern when viewed under a diamond scope: "Hearts and Arrows" for a Round Cut and 'Starred Cross" for a Princess Cut


In the diamond world, less than 15% of all diamonds reach the Ideal Cut Standard. That is why true "Hearts and Arrows" diamonds are priced at such an incredible premium. At Diamond Nexus, all of our Diamond Simulants achieve the Ideal Cut Standard and will display flawless Hearts and Arrows and Starred Cross patterns. We simply cannot call ourselves strivers for perfection and offer anything less.

"Starred Cross" pattern executed in every Princess Cut gemstone

Eight-Point Hearts & Arrows pattern captured in every Round Brilliant Diamond Nexus gemstone


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