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Compare Us to a Diamond

Diamond Nexus Diamond Simulants


Diamond Simulants are stones made in a lab that look and act just like a mined diamond. In other words, they are physically and optically identical. Chemically speaking, Diamond Simulants are created out of 10 elements, and mined diamonds are solely made from Carbon. The benefit of Diamond Simulants is that they are always internally flawless, colorless stones. This means that they will always be perfect stones and they also come with a lifetime warranty. Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you: Diamond Simulants are only a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds!


Mined Diamonds


Mined Diamonds come from the Earth. The process to dig up these stones has destroyed hundreds of forests and created a multitude of crater-like diamond mines throughout the world, not to mention the horrendous treatment of human beings who have endured torture or worse while being used as slave labor in the diamond mines. In addition to the devastated terrain, there is no guarantee that a mined diamond is a conflict-free diamond. Retracing the carbon-footprint of a mined diamond is near impossible. Mined Diamonds come with many variations- cut precision, color, and clarity. Because the supply of mined diamonds is controlled by the diamond cartels, the price of diamonds can be exorbitant.


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> Understanding and evaluating the Gemstone Cut

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 Property  Diamond Simulant
 Mined Diamond
 Internal Flaws
 Never  Almost Always Has Birthmarks
 Clarity  IF*  VS2+
 Brilliance  Excellent (7.40)
 Excellent (7.40)
 Dispersion  Excellent (0.46)
 Excellent (0.44)
 Refraction  Superlative (2.20)
 Superlative (2.40)
 Color  Colorless (D)
 Tinges of Yellow or Brown
(Various Grades)
 Hearts & Arrows Effect
 Yes  Maybe
 Toughness  Excellent  Excellent
 Porosity  .097  .096
 Chemical composition
 C,O,S,Fe,Co,Ni,Y,Zr,Hf,Gd  C
 Cut  Hearts and Arrows
 Final Polish
 By Diamond Powder
 By Diamond Powder
 Lifetime Performance Guarantee
 Yes  No
 Price Per Carat
 $99 - $149
*Under 10x magnification