Colored Diamond Simulants

Colored Diamond Simulants

In nature, diamonds acquire color by being "contaminated" with precisely dispersed impurities infused within them. Nitrogen will create a yellow diamond, boron and cobalt will create a blue diamond, etc.

Our colored Diamond Simulants are created in exactly the same way as in nature. The same chemicals that create natural colored stones are introduced into the matrix during the crystal forming stage, and they produce the same color ranges in our Diamond Simulants as are found in mined diamonds. The color in our Diamond Simulant is not created with a coating, a doublet, or a chemical deposition process as is the case with some of our competitors' products.

Vividly colored diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones in existence, and they are highly sought after and highly valued. Colored Diamond Simulants precisely recreate the look of these beautiful, rare objects to such a level of perfection that even your jeweler cannot tell them apart from natural gemstones with the naked eye.

Colors Available

Colors Available

FAQ: Diamond Simulants look amazing; much better than the mined diamonds I see in jewelry stores. Why?

A common reaction among our customers when they see their Diamond Nexus jewelry is amazement at its beauty. The white Diamond Simulants are so clear, so full of fire and brilliance. Our colored Diamond Simulants as well as our rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are bold, rich, and vibrant. What our customers are seeing is what these beautiful precious gemstones should look like, but today, so seldom do.

A hundred years ago, fine jewelry was a luxury attainable to only the very affluent. A diamond engagement ring was not the norm, and in America especially, was seldom given.

Then came the DeBeers diamond cartel's advertising campaign: "A Diamond is Forever" (started in 1947) which convinced Americans that a diamond engagement ring was a necessity. As the campaign progressed, that necessity had an assessed value: two months salary. That value increased over time to three months salary by the 1980's. This ad campaign, one of the most successful in history, transformed the US jewelry market. The demand for diamonds skyrocketed. But truly high quality diamonds are rare, so the increased demand inevitably led to a drop in diamond quality, and by association, the quality of other colored gems. All of this means that the stones which comprise the norm for many engagement rings today (for example an "I" or "J" color, SI-2 diamond) are stones that fifty or sixty years ago a true fine jeweler would not even have carried as they would have been considered to have such an "off" color.

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