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Forever Companies combines 3 world-changing brands, under one roof

Diamond Nexus

The purchase of an engagement ring is one of the most emotionally charged moments in life – a future groom looks into the eyes of the woman he loves, hoping she’ll approve. Or, a couple shares shopping for their first big, iconic purchase. Our flagship brand, Diamond Nexus, is built on a simple premise: Help make that moment, and all it symbolizes forever, one of joy.

Can value bring joy? Yes. We see it every day. Our customers now have an opportunity to get the ring of their dreams, without compromising quality. Our patented Contemporary Nexus Diamond™ allows us to provide a stone that is in every way as beautiful and durable as a perfect earth-mined diamond for nearly 90 percent less than its mined counterpart. The setting and materials are of the highest quality. Our award-winning customer service, which includes our lifetime guarantee and Everything’s Covered Plan™, give our customers the confidence that their choice of Diamond Nexus as their engagement ring provider was the right one.

Since our inception in 2005, over 300,000 customers have experienced this value. We’ve received national acclaim from the wedding website The Knot, and our site has thousands of positive comments about the quality of our pieces and the joy their rings deliver every time our customers look at their hands.

Our product offering has grown to include exclusive engagement designs and fine jewelry beyond rings. Even though fewer people are getting married each year, we’ve consistently experienced double digit growth, and continue to expand operations to cover that growth.

The Diamond Nexus logo contains the words “World Changing.” Are we indeed world changing? Our hundreds of thousands of customers, who own the engagement rings and fine jewelry of their dreams for a fraction of the price would say “Yes.” After all, it’s their world we’ve transformed.

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1215 Engagement

Exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands set exclusively with our True-Grown Diamonds™. The diamonds are exactly the same as earth-mined diamonds but without the environmental, ethical and corporate diamond-cartel concerns. We create the optimum conditions for diamonds to grow above the earth's surface and we grow ethical, beautiful, real diamonds with the highest level of quality and purity. The earth was not touched in the diamond’s creation, and no adverse byproducts were delivered to our air or water in its production. These “greenhouse” diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, even down to variations in color and clarity. Our grown diamonds eliminate the many layers of mined diamond price-fixing and middlemen and give our customers a savings up to 40%.

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Forever Artisans

Forever Artisans is the jewelry design and manufacturing engine that powers all our jewelry brands. Housed in our Wisconsin headquarters, it’s the foundation for quality for Diamond Nexus and 1215 Engagement, as well as offering custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring and jewelry design services to the public using exclusively True Grown Diamonds™, Contemporary Nexus Diamonds™, and Nexus Color Stones™

Forever Artisans is a special place where the quality of American jewelry manufacturing has been reborn. The men and women of Forever Artisans are master metalsmiths who consistently maintain the highest possible standards. Every bevel is graceful, every prong is evaluated with perfection as a baseline. We’re really in the sculpture business, in that each piece we create requires us to bring dimension to imagination. Working in three dimensions, we combine principles of structure with visual finesse to create balanced pieces that reflect the imagination and intent of our customers. We then craft their vision under the highest jewelry making standards and by using the finest grade metals. Each piece is a masterpiece of collaboration and execution.

Forever Artisans has worked with NBC/Universal’s Miss Universe Organization to design and craft their crowns, which are themselves testaments to intricacy and quality craftsmanship, as well as custom jewelry for celebrities and thousands of everyday people who are not willing to accept the common.

You're now entered to win a $2,500 Diamond Nexus shopping spree. Don’t let that stop you from shopping though, if you make a purchase and win, we’ll simply credit your account. Make sure you watch your email for more information from us and enjoy shopping our site