When pricing your custom creation, there are three factors we consider: design, cost of materials, and cost of labor.

Due to the extreme detail and precision required to create a custom piece, the price is generally higher than a stock item from the Diamond Nexus website.

On average, custom pieces fall in a price range between $1500-$3500, but go higher depending on the design. We will do our best to work within your budget.

Pricing will be determined off of the final specifications of the CAD. To put your custom piece into production, you will be required to put 1/2 down for us to start.

If you ever want to speak with a design consultant, please call: 877-202-9044

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Unlike most custom jewelry studios, we do not charge for a consultation.

CAD Fees: If your design leads you down the custom path, a CAD fee will apply. Our standard CAD is $150 and it includes an initial five changes. After the five, the fee is $50 per change. The majority of our clients complete their design within three CAD modifications.

Rush CAD: If your piece requires a quick turn-around, we will make it a priority in order to complete it within your time sensitive date. This service is $250.

Ultimate CAD: This service is $400, and includes up to 10 changes. For more details about these services, please contact a design consultant.


Stones: Since we work with so many different types of stones the pricing will vary depending upon which stone type you choose.

Metals: The cost of precious metals varies from day to day with the global market. The amount and type of metal required for your piece will determine the cost.


Our experienced jewelers will devote as much attention to your piece as it demands. The more complicated a design, the more intensive the craftsmanship. Pieces with delicate scroll work or filigree embellishments will naturally be more time consuming. Likewise, pieces with many stones to set are more labor intensive and therefore cost more.


The cost for an appraisal is $50. Your appraisal serves to identify your specific piece of jewelry and insures that the full retail value of your jewelry is returnable to you.


If you are not completely thrilled with the final product for any reason, most custom creations are covered by our 30 day return policy with nothing but a 20% design fee and the original CAD fee (when applicable), or 100% Nexus Design Studio credit.


We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and PayPal.

PayPal: No payments + no interest if paid in full in 6 months for purchases of $99+. Checkout with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See terms

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