You want a man made stone that looks, feels, and acts like a diamond, but is also affordable, eco-friendly, and conflict-free. You’re not alone. People have been trying to strike this perfect balance for hundreds of years, recreating diamonds with quartz, glass, and other materials. In the 1970s, new technological advancements allowed people to create CZ, which remained the most popular alternative for a long time.

So why stop with technology from the 70s and 90s, when the results were still flawed? Major revolutions in the early 2000s made it possible to achieve so much more in the field of man made gemstones. When Diamond Nexus came on the scene in 2004, we knew we had an amazing new lab-created jewel that was going to change the game forever.


Watch this video on how a Diamond Simulant is made.



These days, there is a wealth of man made options on the market, varying widely in quality and price. So how is a person to choose which is best for them?

When considering a man made alternative to a mined diamond, there are three qualities to consider:


Diamond Simulants


There are a variety of man made stones that will match a mined diamond in one or more of these ways. What you need to consider is which qualities are most important to you, so you don’t over-pay for something that you consider less important.

Created Diamond Simulants

This covers your basic CZ or Moissanite: man made stones that try to look like mined diamonds, but don’t have the same chemistry or durability. They range from very cheap to mid-level prices. CZ is by far the most common, but it has two major problems. First, it’s more porous than a mined diamond, meaning it’ll absorb dirt and oils from its environment and over time, this will cause it to turn foggy and discolored. Second, it’s not as hard, so it’s prone to cracking, chipping, or outright breaking. Moissanite is tougher stuff, but has a double-refractive quality to it that some call “the disco ball effect.” Some people like this look, while others feel that it’s too much or that it gives the stone away. Click here to see how a Diamond Simulant compares to CZ and Moissanite.


Diamond Simulants

These unique patent-pending man made stones share the same durability, brilliance, and fire of mined diamonds. Not just any mined diamonds, but top grade D colorless mined diamonds with IF clarity: the highest quality mined diamonds in the world. The only difference between a Diamond Simulant and a mined-diamond is the chemical makeup. If you're concerned about the chemical make-up of your stone and want a diamond that is made of 100% carbon check out our Pure Carbon Created Diamonds which cost about 40% less than mined-diamonds. If the chemical composition doesn't matter to you then Diamond Simulants are the perfect choice costing 90% less than a mined-diamond. Click here to see how a Diamond Simulant compares to a mined diamond.


Pure Carbon Created Diamonds

A Pure Carbon Grown Diamond is a man made stone that has the same chemical composition as its mined counterpart, whereas a “simulant” is a man made stone that has the same look and physical properties, but different chemistry. Grown Diamonds are exactly the same as mined-diamonds except they are created in a lab. This is a better option because it saves you (roughly 40% vs a mined diamond), it's better for the environment, and it's better for humans (no slave or child labor). Our sister company 1215 Engagement specializes in engagement rings made with Grown Diamonds. Click here to see 1215 Engagement's Grown Diamonds.

As you can see, Diamond Simulants strike a strong balance; they look and act like mined diamonds should, without the exorbitant price tag or style limitations. And they come with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never need to buy insurance to protect against lost stones or damage. (Hey, one less thing to worry about!)

Click here to see our Lifetime Stone Guarantee.

When you buy a man-made stone, you want to know that it’s the best one out there. So just how good do Diamond Simulant stones look next to mined diamonds? Take a look at this video to see what happens when real people compare a man made Diamond Nexus engagement ring ($549) to a top-grade mined diamond ring ($3743).



These aren’t just any man made rocks; they’re the same ones that Miss Universe wears, in a crown crafted by top-notch Diamond Nexus designers and goldsmiths. The care and attention that went into her crown also goes into your jewelry, and it shows.

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