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$$$$ • Lab Grown Diamond 

A lab grown diamond is a man-made stone that has the same chemical composition as its mined counterpart, whereas a "simulant" has the same look and physical properties, but different chemistry. Pure carbon grown diamonds cost about 40% less than a mined diamond. Our sister company 1215 Engagement specializes in selling just Grown Diamonds.


$-$$ • Typical Diamond Simulant  

This is your basic CZ or Moissanite: stones that try to look like mined diamonds, but don't have the same chemistry or durability. They range from very cheap to mid-level prices. CZ is by far the most common, but it has two major problems. First, it's more porous than a mined diamond, meaning it'll absorb dirt and oils which will cause it to turn foggy and discolored. Second, it's not as hard, so it's prone to cracking or chipping. Moissanite is tougher, but has a double-refractive quality to it called "the disco ball effect." Some people like this look, while others feel that it's too much or that it gives the stone away.


$$ • Diamond Nexus Simulant  

These unique patent-pending stones share the same durability, brilliance, and fire of mined diamonds. Not just any mined diamonds, but top grade D colorless mined diamonds with IF clarity: the highest quality mined diamonds in the world. At $99 per carat for our Classic Series and $149 per carat for our laser-inscribed Certified Series, they're a fraction of the price of their mined counterparts. They'll never fade or discolor, they resist cracking just as well as a mined diamond, and they'll even cut glass. The only difference between a Diamond Nexus Simulant and a mined diamond is its price and its chemistry.


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