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Regular Price: $215.00

Special Price: $172.00

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ships in 8
business days

This is a standard ship item. Your piece is produced to your specifications when you order it and will take 8 business days to create. Your choice of shipping method will determine when you receive your product.
  • Important Information about Lorian Platinum
    Lorián Platinum®
    Lorián Platinum is a proprietary metal created by Diamond Nexus. The metal is more durable and much more tarnish and scratch resistant than plain sterling silver. However - we do not recommend Lorián Platinum for an engagement ring or other ring that will receive daily wear or heavy use. For an engagement ring that will be worn for many years, we recommend a fine-jewelry metal such as 10k, 14k, platinum or palladium.

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Regular Price: $215.00

Special Price: $172.00

You’ll love the snag-free ease of a low-profile setting, especially with such elaborate metalworking!  This ornately tooled three-stone Lorián Platinum ring bears a 1.49 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond simulant at its center and two 0.56 carat accents for radiance that packs a punch.


  • Center Stone: 1.49 carats
  • Two Round Brilliant cut accents
  • What is Lorián Platinum?  Click here to learn more.
  • Product Model: LRRHXX0018XRBWHXX0149CS0LPXX

Customer Reviews

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Settings do not hold up  by Sara on 3/18/14

Lost a side stone under normal, occasional use. Returned and had great customer service to repair/replace. Now, second ring has lost side stone AGAIN! It is a weak/faulty setting. Perhaps needs more than 3 prongs? I love DN and have made several purchases. Sadly, the last couple of items have been not up to quality that I expect. The settings seem to loosen after minimal wear (ring and pendant). So sad, love the design. Hope they can correct this lapse in quality.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your jewelry. Please contact our customer experience coordinator at and she will be happy to look into the orders for you and make sure you aren't having any more problems with new items.

Disappointed  by Sam on 2/26/14

I am disappointed to say the least. This ring was beautiful, down right amazing. In the course of a year the diamonds have had to be adjusted because they were falling out as well as the LP that it is made out of comes off leaving the ring looking black. My husband got this for me so it is very sentimental but at this point I'm just trying to save up money to replace it. I have two necklaces that are made form LP and I will never buy anything with that again. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are sorry that you have had a poor experience with our Lorian PLatinum fashion line of jewelry. It does need to be worn without exposure to chemicals as the metal can become damaged. Any silver metal can turn black if exposed to water and not dried and cleaned properly. We do however offer a lifetime guarantee on the Lorian Platinum so you can send the ring back for us to refinish for you. Then We would recommend removing the ring before housecleaning, swimming and bathing to care properly for the metal. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We would love to assist you in restoring the ring to it's original condition.

Poor gold quality  by Tami on 7/18/13

The stones are gorgeous but the engraving on the gold makes the ring look cheap. I recommend 18kt or higher. This may help

Great for the Price...Big Diamond Simulants!  by DiamondGirl on 1/15/13

For about $150.00, you cannot get any other d.simulant ring to look any better is my experience. I first ordered a highly similar 3 stone-brilliant cut (round) ring from St**er company, at around 100. The stones looked AWFUL, CLOUDY, FAKE, just like many cz's, although the setting LOOKED GORGEOUS, classic, designed just like my REAL PLATINUM engagement ring-sent that back and ordered Gypsy: I just don't like the fancy scrollwork setting, but for the size of the 3 diamonds, I was willing to wear it, if it looked real. IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL, especially for 150! The stones truly look real. I've put it next to my very nice real mined diamond 3 stone engagement ring-these stones shine just as nicely, and do NOT look cheap, in any light. I wear it for special occasions when I want to 'show it off' and have more sparkle. For 150 bucks, what more could you expect?! No the Lorian settings are NOT heavy like real high grade metal, so it will feel flimsy/"cheap" but get over it - its the appearance you are after and you get it here. Treat yourself to a Gypsy for a right hand ring even - it'll make you happy. DNL wins my business again.

Love it but had to send in for repair on the setting  by Tracy on 1/11/13

My husband got this for me as an anniversary gift back in summer 2010. REALLY a love at first sight and had been wearing it everyday instead of my original wedding ring. After a year, I noticed that the center stone was rattling a little bit. Afraid that it might eventually come off, I sent it in for repair. I don't remember if I had to pay for shipping but I got it back rather quickly (in about 2 weeks or so) and the ring is once again wearable. I read some reviews on here and see that there is a lot of issues with the stone setting and some stone actually fell out of the ring. So, be aware of this issue should you decide to get this ring and send it in for repair as soon as you notice any problem before it was too late.

A Fairytale ring  by whiteswan on 12/25/12

I've just received this ring today on Christmas from my wonderful husband and I must say,I can't stop staring at it,It's details are breathtaking..looks like the ring a fairy princess would wear,with all the scroll work and filigree,very romantic and the diamonds are just stunning in person.I've had diamond rings before,including moissanite,and Antique rings,but this one is my favorite.I Love it!!!!
I hope the beauty of the ring last forever.

Not too shabby!  by Erinita on 11/28/12

My husband and I bought this as my wedding ring about a year ago. The only flaw in my particular ring that I have noticed is that some of the detailing is bent, but it doesn't bother me and no one notices. The stones look beautiful, and no one even questions if they're "real" or not. The Lorian Platinum is holding up quite well after a year of consistent wear. It kind of looks a little tarnished after I get it cleaned at a jewelry store (if it's not dried off completely), but it disappears fairly quickly. I haven't yet had any problems with the settings or anything like that, and it's a pretty comfortable ring to wear. For the price, at least in my experience, it's worth it!

disappointed  by Lynn on 7/26/12

Hi I got this ring a few months ago and it was love at first sight until I took it from the box and one of the side stones fell out and I could not find it! I called DNL and after about 5 phone calls I got info on how to return it but because I live in Canada I had to pay return shipping costs which I did not believe was right since I received the ring in this condition. it cost me about $25 to return it to them and I gor it back in a few weeks( in an old used box which I did not really mind as I kept the original). They told me it was their mistake that the stone had not been set properly so they put in a new stone. I complained to the manager( after a few calls) about the shipping costs and she finally agreed to refund my shipping costs. I got 95% of my $ refunded. I love the ring now but it is only a ring for special occasions as the LP turns black after awhile so it is not an everyday ring.

beautiful stones  by JustGirly on 7/2/12

like some of the other reviewers here, the stones are beautiful..sparkle sparkle sparkle...very happy with the stones themselves... Ive had my ring since May..Ive worn it 3 times and have now noticed my center stone is loose... =( I will be giving a call... I also agree with the look of the metal..I was slightly disspointed, BUT I was personally was able to let that go...beautiful stones for $150.00 on sale when I purchased... It wont stop me from continuing to order from this company and trying all their wonderful jewelry!

Meh  by corriek on 6/18/12

First, let me say that I love the overall look of this ring. My fiance gave it to me on 8-29-10, and it was beautiful. The stones were a little cloudy, but they sparkle brilliantly in the light.
In the summer of 2011, the band cracked. It didn't effect the way it fit, so I kind of just let it go. I thought it was covered under some sort of warranty, but I was informed it only covered the stones. (Now they don't cover anything at all, at least that's what the person told me at the Mayfair store.)
Recently, I've noticed that the stones have an intense rattling going on. I called the store and they told me they would have to send it out to tighten the stones, and as my wedding is in a few short weeks, I didn't want to chance it. I called a local jeweler and she said she could tighten it for a small fee. I brought it in to her and she pointed out that the posts that hold the stones in do not notch up on top of the stone. Basically, the posts are pressed against the stones, but there's no notches holding them down. The jeweler wouldn't touch it when she saw that.
It's a beautiful ring, and I plan to get a custom ring almost identical to it, but the quality of this one faded quickly over a couple years.

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ships in 8
business days

This is a Standard Ship Item

Your piece is produced to your specifications when you order it and will take 8 business days to create.
Your choice of shipping method will determine when you receive your product.

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