By now, you have probably noticed that we sell two types of stones: Nexus Diamonds and Pure Carbon Created Diamonds. Both are very beautiful, affordable, and eco-friendly. Nexus Diamonds are a simulated stone. They look and feel just like a mined diamond, but have a slightly different chemical make up. Pure Carbon Created Stones are identical to a mined diamond in every way! The only difference is that a mined diamond is found in the Earth and a Pure Carbon Created Diamond is created in a lab. They are the exact same in every other way!

Nexus Diamond


Nexus Diamond



Let’s be honest. The 4 C’s, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat, can easily become a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Here are the basics:

The 4 C's


The scale ranges from D all the way down to Z. A grade of D means that the stone is absolutely colorless or pure white. As you go down the alphabet, the stone color will become slightly yellow or muddy looking.


When any diamond is created, the carbon has a tendency to create internal inclusions (we’re talking about the little black dots inside the diamond). An Internally Flawless stone, as you may have guessed, has no inclusions at all and is very rare. A stone will move down the scale towards “Included” depending on the number, size and location of the carbon freckles.


This one is pretty simple. A perfect cut is “Ideal.” This cut allows the most shine, sparkle, and light to radiate from the stone. An imperfect cut will look a shade darker or have poor symmetry in its stone shape.


How big do you want it? In stone terms, carat = weight. (This one really doesn’t get much easier!)

Because our Nexus Diamonds are created in a lab with an exquisite chemical composite, each stone is a perfect D in color and have Internally Flawless clarity. Our master craftsmen ensure all Nexus Diamond are cut precisely and ideally to give off the most light and shine possible. Finally, the cost is fairly priced per carat.

Pure Carbon Created Diamonds, like mined diamonds, tend to have a mind of their own. Each stone will grow in a unique way, hence why each stone is graded differently. Learn more about our the 4C’s here


What makes Diamond Nexus different than any other jewelry company is that we understand. We know that life in unpredictable, and that finances can be tough at the worst times. That is why we offer the “Forever Ring.” We know that for most couples, the budget is pretty tight. We proudly offer our affordable Nexus Diamond rings.

These rings are great for young couples just starting out. As a couple grows older together and more financially stable, they have the opportunity to spend a little more on their ring and upgrade their Nexus Diamonds to Pure Carbon Created Stones. Of course depending on the ring, these upgrades can be made gradually, but no matter when you will always have that option. At Diamond Nexus, we want to grow with you.

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