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The Faúver Collection embraces a distinctly clean, contemporary
look. If you like the sleek simplicity and smooth comfort of modern
design, you're going to love Faúver!

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Meet Scott Faúver Jones: exclusive in-house designer for Diamond Nexus Labs! His middle name "Faúver" was originally his French grandmother's maiden name and, fittingly enough, refers to a smith or a craftsman. Scott has always been an artist, even since childhood. "At Christmas, all my friends got expensive presents," he recalls. "My parents did not have the money, so I ended up making most of my toys so I could play with the other (kids)." This sense of creativity served him well later in life, when he began his work in jewelry in the late 1970s. He has made pieces for two presidents, (these are currently in the Smithsonian Institution,) two first ladies, and one royal Princess. Scott has been approached many times before about creating his own line of jewelry, and has always declined. But after getting to know Diamond Nexus Labs, he finally "felt like the time was right." He says, "I feel like I'm part of the family."

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