Nexus Diamond Simulants are stones that are physically and optically nearly identical to mined diamonds, but made out of different elements in a lab. Bottom line, Nexus Diamond Simulants are like a cousin to mined diamonds. They look like a diamond and act like a diamond, but have a different genetic make up.

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Why are they an awesome option?

  • Conflict Free
  • Better for the environment
  • 90% less than the cost of mined diamond
  • Cuts glass and lasts forever
  • Graded and certified by AIG
  • Manufactured in Austin, Texas, USA
Rings with Nexus Diamond Simulants

How are they different than a Diamond?

The only difference between Nexus Diamond Simulants and mined diamonds is the chemical composition. Mined Diamonds are pure carbon. Nexus Diamond Simulants contain carbon, along with 9 other elements.

How Are They Made?

The 7 steps to create a Nexus Diamond Simulant

Creating the Matrix: At extreme temperatures, approaching 4,000 degrees, we mix a proprietary blend of elements in a very specific sequence and we bring them to a molten state called a "matrix".

Cooling: The matrix is then cooled in stages in a carefully controlled fashion. During this cooling process the crystals form and must be precisely monitored.

Extraction: After the matrix is cooled, the product is called a "boule", which is a solid object containing crystallized and non-crystallized material. The boule is broken up (actually with a big hammer) and the crystals are extracted.

Inspection: The crystals are then inspected for quality in a similar fashion to which rough diamonds are inspected and graded.

Cutting: A laser beam is passed through the crystal which highlights internal flaws and gives a guide for rough cutting

Coating: The coating seals the stone's surface, greatly lowers porosity and makes the Nexus Diamond impervious to outside contaminants. It also increases hardness and scratch resistance.

Quality Control: Nexus Diamonds are sorted and graded in the same way as earth-mined diamonds. Each Nexus Diamond is inspected, evaluated and graded against a perfect control example.

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