Metal Options

Metal types can determine the durability, pricing, and prestige of a ring. We’re here to tell you what your metal options are and why you may consider buying them.

10k Gold

This is the least expensive metal option for fine jewelry. It’s actually harder than 14k gold (gold is very malleable - so less gold equals a harder metal,) but not as pure of a metal. It can be a little more brittle than 14k or 18k, thus making it harder to work on.

14k Gold

This is the most popular metal because it's great for fine jewelry and engagement rings. Everyone loves white gold - you can’t go wrong. Yes, overtime the rhodium dip may wear off, but you can always get that fixed.

18k Gold

The highest concentration of gold you can use int jewelry, it is a lot harder to take care of and keep your ring looking nice because it's more malleable. However, because it has more gold in the ring it's worth a lot more.


Platinum has become a popular option for fine jewelry and engagement rings recently because it is extremely light weight and durable. However, because it is so strong and popular, you're going to pay a lot more for the quality.


This is actually one of your best metals options. It is light weight and insanely durable. It does cost a bit more, but worth every penny. This metal is very good particularly for those who aren’t used to wearing or taking care of everyday jewelry.

Lorian Platinum

Lorian Platinum, or LP as we call it, is not meant to be an everyday worn metal. It has a base metal of silver, which is then plated to make it perfect for fashion jewelry pieces.

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