Store Closed

Thousands of engagement rings
to fit any budget

Unlike any jewelry store in the world, the Diamond Nexus experience gives the most beautiful, hand crafted jewelry in the world. Our retail store at Woodfield Mall was recently closed but stay tuned, we have plans to open more stores in the future.

Diamond Nexus Three Ring Cluster



How Do You Know You Can Trust Us?

Our Customers Love Us!

They’ve honored us with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, something only 5% of companies earn. The love goes both ways though, we have some sweet customers!

We Stand Behind Our Product

Not with just a guarantee but a TRIPLE guarantee. We want our customers to be ecstatic about their purchase and if they're not, we'll make it right (luckily most are though!)


We're Eco-Friendly

We're Eco-Friendly

Since our stones are made in a lab they require no harmful mining practices or human exploitation. That's gorgeous jewelry that we can live with!

Forever, Guaranteed

Forever, Guaranteed

Our stones look and act so much like a diamond that it's no longer true only a diamond lasts forever. We stand behind this with a Triple lifetime guarantee.

We Turn Heads

We Turn Heads

A Diamond Nexus looks so much like a diamond that no one, not even a jeweler, can tell it apart. So don't go for broke, go for WOW!

We're Cooler

Cooler Than The Other Side of the Pillow

Okay, I guess there's not definitive proof of this one but we obviously have to be pretty cool for Miss Universe to wear our stuff, right?! Thought so!

You're now entered to win a $2,500 Diamond Nexus shopping spree. Don’t let that stop you from shopping though, if you make a purchase and win, we’ll simply credit your account. Make sure you watch your email for more information from us and enjoy shopping our site