Jewelry Care

How To Care For And Clean Your Jewelry

Your Diamond Nexus jewelry will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It gleams because of the way it reflects light. Soap, hair, dirt, skin oils, lotion, and grease all collect into crevasses beneath gemstones and will drastically decrease the brilliance of your jewelry. Cleaning will alleviate the problem. You'll know when your jewelry needs a cleaning when you see that its shine and sparkle begins to dull.

Caring For Your Diamond Nexus Jewelry - A Few Tips:

  • Remove your jewelry when doing heavy work such as gardening or moving.
  • Remove your ring prior to applying hand lotion.
  • Protect gold jewelry by storing it safely or keeping it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn.
  • Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined box for protection, and keep other jewelry pieces away to prevent scratches

To Properly Clean Your Jewelry that contains Diamond Simulants:

  • Set up a cleaning space. A towel helps protect surfaces from cleaning chemicals. Be sure to choose a location with adequate lighting to see crevices as well as a location protected from loss (away from sink drains, etc.).
  • Remove hairs or other fibers stuck in the prongs or setting. Tweezers can help to reach tight areas.
  • Presoak or rinse the jewelry warm water to remove loose dirt. If rinsing under running water, close the drain first, or put the ring in a strainer to keep it safe. If not an option grip the jewelry firmly or use a sieve deep enough to contain it without risk of loss.
  • Dip jewelry in Diamond Nexus cleaning solution (we recommend that you refrain from using ammonia unless diluted with three parts water). Soak if desired.
  • Gently scrub Diamond Simulant with soft-bristle brush. Change angles frequently to work into crevices but keep a firm grip on the jewelry.
  • Rinse jewelry carefully. Use running water or fresh water dish and change angles to remove all cleaning solution.
  • Blot the product, especially the center stone, dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • If the Diamond Simulant or setting needs extra help, use a dental irrigation device, such as a Water Pik, to flush away small bits of grime. If you don’t have access to one of those you can also use a wooden toothpick to very carefully push dirt away from the lab diamond.

Pearl Care:

Pearls are a treasure for a lifetime. To keep them looking their best for years to come, note the following tips:

PROTECT YOUR PEARLS: Pearls are known as "organic gems," and can be damaged over time by some of the same chemicals that your own skin is sensitive to. This includes hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, sun block, chlorine bleach, vinegar, and ammonia. You should wait until after you've finished your beauty routine to put on your pearls, and definitely wait until after you've finished working with any cleaning chemicals!

CLEANING YOUR PEARLS: To keep that gentle pearly glow, wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after use to remove body oils and dirt. Pearls may be washed occasionally with mild soap (think Ivory, not detergent) and a soft cloth, rinsed in clean water, and blotted dry with a cotton towel. Remember, do not use jewelry cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar. Pearls don't like acidic or abrasive chemicals!

STORING YOUR PEARLS: Keep pearls separated from hard or sharp jewelry items that may scratch them. Wrap them in a soft cloth or store in a soft pouch or soft lined jewelry box. Interesting tip: you shouldn't store pearls in an airtight bag, because pearls need moisture... just like your skin! (Only pearls get theirs from the humidity in the air, not from body lotion. Remember, body lotion may dull the luster of your jewelry.)

Silver Care:

While some people love the "tarnished silver" look, it's not everyone's cup of tea. To keep your silver jewelry looking its best, note these tips:

PROTECTING YOUR SILVER: Silver doesn't get along with substances containing sulfur, like certain household cleaners, hairsprays, and even some foods like eggs and onions. You should take off your silver jewelry if you'll be working with any of these, as they can cause the metal to dull and tarnish.

CLEANING YOUR SILVER: The most recommended method is simply wiping the silver jewelry with a soft cotton cloth. There are some cloths that are chemically treated to clean silver and these would be perfectly safe to use for our jewelry. A silver jewelry dip can also be used, but the jewelry should not be soaked in the solution; just dipped in and out, then rinsed and dried several times. You should avoid getting the solution on any stones or pearls the silver is holding. You can also use a phosphate-free detergent, then rinse and dry your jewelry with a soft cloth.

STORING YOUR SILVER: You can keep silver jewelry from tarnishing by storing it in a sealed plastic bag. Brand name sandwich bags work great. If the jewelry is not being worn for a while, you can wrap it in acid-free tissue paper before sealing it in the plastic bag. You can also keep anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry box to prevent tarnishing. (This might be the best option if your silver jewelry is set with pearls, as pearls should not be sealed in dry airtight containers like plastic bags.)

Jewelry Care
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