Nexus Diamonds

It is fairly well known that mined diamonds are produced by destructive mining, are flawed and discolored, while their prices are equivalent to a down payment on a house. These facts make shopping for a diamond disheartening and off putting, but thanks to technology, we are able to bring you the best diamond alternative that no other company can.

What are Nexus Diamonds?

A patented product that is all our own, Diamond Nexus Simulants are nearly optically and physically identical to mined diamonds, but have a different chemical elements and don’t take millions of years to create. Simply put, our Diamonds Simulants well give you the look, wear, and feel of a mined diamond, but are significantly less in price.

How are they priced?

Nexus Diamonds have all the best features of a mined diamond but at a fraction of the price, a 90% less to be exact. Since they are created, Nexus Diamonds are crafted to be the same flawless clarity and color, meaning there is no variation in price per carat for quality.

Are they independently certified?

All Signature Series Nexus Diamonds are graded and certified by American International Gemologists (AIG). With purchase of any Signature Series stone you will receive the certification documents, just as you would with a mined diamond.

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Will people be able to tell the difference?

Visually, a Diamond Simulant is impossible to differentiate from a mined diamond. A trained jeweler can only tell the difference if they were to apply a diamond tester, in which a Nexus Diamond would most likely not pass because of their chemical makeup.

Will they last?

With normal to extra care, our Nexus Diamonds will last a lifetime. They are created to not only look identical to a mined diamond but they act the same way too, meaning it is possible for them to scratch or crack. Diamonds Simulants do have a significant coating on them that protect them and make them less brittle than a mined diamond. If for some reason a Nexus Diamond should be damaged in any way, we do have a guarantee that covers our stones and we will replace it for free. Learn more

Nexus Diamonds and the 4C’s:

All Nexus Diamonds are Ideal cut, D in color and have a clarity of IF or flawless. They are graded and sorted by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) so every stone that is placed in our jewelry will have this perfect grade every time.

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Cultured Rubies, Emeralds & Sapphires

Also known as cultured stones, we use created Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires in our jewelry. Like our Nexus Diamonds, they are the same as a mined stone but have been created above ground in significantly less amount of time. The quality of our cultured stones is much higher than mined stones because the creation processes is controlled, allowing us to create stones with nearly perfect color and clarity.

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Pure Carbon Grown Diamonds 100% Real Diamonds

A newly perfected technology, Grown Diamonds are 100% pure carbon and are completely eco-friendly. They are absolutely identical to a mined diamond in every way but are not dug from the earth and cost 30% to 50% less than mined.

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Introducing 1215 Enagement our sister company

Our Grown Diamonds are available on our sister company’s website,, who offer an array of carat sizes, stone shapes and qualities. If you would like any Diamond Nexus setting with one of their Grown Diamonds, simply contact our delightful customer service and they will gladly make that happen for you.

How are Grown Diamonds different from a mined diamond?

Besides where they are created and what they cost, there is absolutely no difference between a Grown Diamond and a mined diamond. Grown diamonds are identical to mined diamond, not even a trained jeweler can tell the difference with their diamond testers. They are 100% visually, physically, and chemically the same.

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How are Grown Diamonds made?

Grown diamonds are grown and harvested in what we like to call a “Diamond Greenhouse.” There, technicians are able to replicate the process that takes place within the earth to grow a diamond, just at a much faster rate. A tiny seed of natural diamond is placed in a growth chamber, where the seed builds for several weeks in to a pure carbon diamond. Once this process is finished, diamond is removed from the chamber looking exactly like a round mined diamond. It is then cut and polished just as a mined diamond and certified by IGI.