Looking for more than just a paycheck?

At Diamond Nexus we don't seek employees that want to punch a clock and collect their earnings. We want go-getters that strive for perfection, want to be successful in everything they do and have a passion for their chosen career. If that describes you then you're in luck, you'll be surrounded by a bunch of people just like you! If you think you have what it takes then learn more about us and then tell us why we absolutely must hire you.

Our Mission

We are building a cool, fun company full of energetic, passionate people who have a rocking good time making money, creating raving fans, and designing and crafting gorgeous jewelry. We’re taking on the giants of the elitist diamond industry and we’re beating them – by changing the world for the better - one perfect ring at a time.

Diamond Nexus - Harlem Shake

Yup, we made one too! Take a look at what happens around here when nobody is watching.

Anniversary Party

Diamond Nexus celebrates its 7 year anniversary at Oak in downtown Milwaukee.

A Few Perks

Besides working for an awesome company, doing something that is truly unique and inspiring, we offer a few other perks for all of our employees:

Free pizza

Yup, all the frozen pizza you could ever want and a pizza oven that will cook it to perfection. Never go hungry again; we have you covered!

Free coffee

Who doesn't love a good caffeine buzz? Our employees skip the Starbucks stop and enjoy all the designer coffee they want.

Ping Pong

Sure, a lot of companies may have some sort of games at their office but who actually encourages their employees to play? We do!

Casual Environment

Leave the suit and tie at home; they're not needed here!

Employee Discounts

It's hard to look at bling all day long and not create a solid wish list. Luckily employees get incentives and discounts to feed that desire.

Company parties

When you're doing something as awesome as we do there are always new reasons to celebrate. We love getting everyone together throughout the year to bond over a few cold ones.


After only five years at Diamond Nexus all employees get 30 days paid time off and up to $5000 to chase whatever dream they have. We've had some awesome trips so far, what will you do?

Who We Hire

We are firm believers that the key to success is to hire amazing people and then teach them the skills they need to be successful. So, if you do have skills awesome, let's put them to use! If not, make it clear to us that we'd be silly to not hire you and we'll help you get the skills you need. Education is an important facet for all level of employees at Diamond Nexus so we never shy away from training an ambitious person who wants to learn. Just be ready to put your money where your mouth is when you get here!


Current Job Openings

Bench Jeweler/Jewelry Repair

The jeweler works as part of a team member in a established jewelry production department. Performs daily aspects of bench jeweler production including, stone setting; fabrication, refurbishing and repairs, sizing of Rings, and metal polishing. For more information email: angela.dittman@diamondnexus.com


Inbound Sales/Live Chat Agent

As a main conduit to our customers, your job is to assist prospective, current and past customers. We're looking for outgoing and motivated people that will bend over backwards for our customers. For more information email: angela.dittman@diamondnexus.com

Don't see a position open for you?

We're always looking for talented people that absolutely want to crush it. Tell us why we would be crazy to not hire you:

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