We want to show our team spirit and cheer on the USA. But not everyone can (or wants to) wear an American flag-themed shirt to support the home team. From a day at the office to a night on the town or a day running errands, these are our favorite ways to keep it classy while sporting red, white and blue.

Stack your rings with red, white and blue stones to create a patriotic, whimsical look. Shown: Elements rings with Contemporary Nexus Diamonds, and ruby and sapphire Nexus Color Stones.

Rubies surrounded by Nexus Diamonds pair perfectly with a navy blue blazer for a work-appropriate way to show your pride. Shown: Alexandria earrings with ruby Nexus Color Stones.

Dress up for date night with sapphire and Nexus Diamond jewelry to accent your favorite red dress. Shown: Crystal Rain bracelet and Lady of Kensington ring with sapphire Nexus Color Stones.

Style tip: When wearing rubies or sapphires in your other jewelry, choose colorless stone earrings to accent the look without going over the top. Shown: Leto earrings.

Simple sapphire studs add a pop of blue. Pair them with a red-and-white outfit for the perfect on-the-go patriotic look. As a bonus, the yellow gold echoes the medals that are sure to be won this summer. Shown: Sapphire Nexus Color Stone studs, basket set.

Go bold with a statement piece for a night out. Pair a red-and-white ring with a classic blue dress to make an impression. Shown: Empress ring with a ruby Nexus Color Stone.

Which look do you love for wearing red, white and blue?

Build your patriotic wardrobe.