If you’ve spent any time researching diamonds, whether for an engagement ring or other fine jewelry, you’ll be familiar with the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat. Diamond shopping can quickly become overwhelming—or worse, disappointing—as you weigh the trade-offs of these characteristics with the price of the stone you want and the ring you have always imagined.

But what if we told you that you could essentially throw out three of the four C’s and still get the amazing ring of your dreams? We take cut, color and clarity off the table. Or, maybe a better way of saying it is that we put them on the table. All Nexus Diamonds meet the highest standards for each of these characteristics. Every single stone.


The cut of the diamond is perhaps the most important of the 4 C’s. The way the stone’s facets are cut determines how light refracts within the stone. In short, the cut of the diamond has the most impact on how sparkly it appears.

All Nexus Diamonds are Ideal cut. In the mined stone world, less than five percent meet these standards. Ideal cut standards have been proven to yield the most fire and brilliance, so you know that your Nexus Diamond will display maximum sparkle.


Just as it sounds, color refers to how much color a diamond contains. This ranges from absolutely clear—known as colorless—to stones that are gray or muddy-looking. Color is graded on a scale, with D color representing completely colorless stones, all the way to Z color, which would be a stone that is has noticeable color.

The most preferred color is completely colorless (D color). All Nexus Diamonds are completely colorless and rated as D color. It does not cost you extra to get a clearer stone, because all of ours are absolutely colorless.


The clarity of a diamond refers to flaws and imperfections. These can include internal inclusions and external imperfections, ranging from flawless (having no inclusions or imperfections) to included (having flaws that are noticeable to the naked eye). Diamond shoppers may tend to choose a stone that has more flaws or inclusions in order to get a larger stone.

But remember—you don’t have to make that concession. Every Nexus Diamond is IF rated: That means it’s internally flawless. And because we only offer flawless stones, you don’t have to pay more for it.

So, now we’ve taken three of the four C’s and made them into table stakes. Every one of our Nexus Diamonds are Ideal cut, colorless and flawless. In one word: Perfect.

You don’t have to compromise on cut, color or clarity to save money on your diamond. With a Nexus Diamond, you can have a perfect stone—and did we mention that it can cost up to 80% less than a mined stone?

That’s right: We’re saying you can have the ring you’ve always wanted, with a stunning, perfect stone.

1 C + 1 S

To choose your Nexus Diamond, we’ve taken three challenging and, let’s face it, confusing things off the table. What’s left? Just the fun part!

The one “C” that’s remaining is the carat weight. This refers to the actual size of your stone. How large do you imagine your engagement ring? A petite half-carat? Or perhaps a striking three-carat stone that’ll catch all eyes? It’s up to you to choose your personal style.

You may be wondering what the “S” stand for. Answer: Shape. Like mined diamonds, our Nexus Diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes, from traditional round to fancy shapes like marquise—even hearts! Based on your preferences, you can choose the shape of your Nexus Diamond and find the perfect ring that you’ll love forever.

The bottom line? Don’t make trade-offs to get a ring that’s close to what you want. Get the ring that you’ve always dreamed of. Bonus: It’ll be at a price you never could’ve imagined. Accept nothing less than flawless, colorless—completely perfect.