Joseph and Rachel

Diamond Nexus NDS Featured Couple

“Like at first sight...”

Looking for love, Joseph decided to spend a night browsing a popular dating site. After searching through a few pages, he came across the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Almost instinctively he decided to favorite the profile. Much to his surprise, a message would be waiting for him the next day. After months of talking, they seemed to have more and more in common. They met up for a first date, and it was “like at first sight.” However, Joseph knew Rachel would always have his heart the day he met up with her at a park with her son.

Diamond Nexus NDS Featured Couple

“She had no idea...”

For years, Rachel had been a Diamond Nexus fan and insisted her engagement ring be a Diamond Nexus as well. She had three favorite rings, but could not pick. Being given these “hints,” Joseph knew to contact the Nexus Design Studio. With simplicity and ease, he was able to cut and paste the rings he liked, show them to our designers, and get instant satisfied results. When seeing the first draft of his design, Joseph said, “Yes, that is what I want!” The Nexus Design studio was “nothing but incredible.” In no time, Joseph was able to create the ring of Rachel’s dreams combining all of her favorite style elements with personal touches such as a replica of a tattoo along the ring prongs. Unique and meaningful to them, Joseph knew this ring would take her breath away.

Diamond Nexus NDS Featured Couple

“Hopeless romantic...”

The big day had been perfectly planned for Joseph to ask Rachel for her hand in marriage.  With the help of Rachel’s best friend, Joseph planned a day of romance, relaxation and surprise. The morning began with a gold dipped orchid and a letter entitled “Good Morning Beautiful.” With a bag packed, Rachel was whisked away to brunch, a winery visit, shopping, and a luxurious Bed and Breakfast. Once ready for dinner, the greatest surprise was about to take place. A candlelit dessert at the bed and breakfast created the perfect background for the perfect moment. Joseph had created a book for her, detailing memorable events in their relationship. Moved, she flipped through the pages and arrived at a “New Chapter.” A picture of a ring box was on the page, and Joseph was down on a knee. After the happiest of tears were shed, and the initial shock wore off (which took about 5-10 minutes), she finally said yes. The rest is happily ever after...

Congratulations to Joseph and Rachel!

Diamond Nexus NDS Featured Couple Diamond Nexus NDS Featured Couple

We at Diamond Nexus are so happy for Rachel and Joseph! We wish you the best on the big day coming up next October!

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