Music to my ears

So, we have to be honest. We LOVE talking about love here at Diamond Nexus! The theme is one that we want to celebrate every day as we hear of romantic proposals and epic wedding stories from happy customers.

So, in honor of love and our amazing customers, Diamond Nexus is giving away three Valentine’s Day prize packages! Each lucky winner will win Round cut .84 ct. Diamond Simulant earrings and a sweet love mix cd –

Just answer these five simple questions in the comments below and we’ll mix a custom CD just for you!

One random winner will be chosen on Jan. 24, Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, 2014

*To all of those lovebirds out there, please keep the answers PG -13 ;)

Question 1- What is your favorite style of music?

Question 2- Where is the most romantic place your special guy/gal has taken you?

Question 3- What is the sweetest thing that your partner has ever done for you?

Question 4- Tell us what your favorite love song is ...

Question 5- How does your partner show you they love you every day?

*Optional Question 6- Write a Haiku about Diamond Nexus or our Director of Marketing, Kyle Blades. 

Kyle Kalendar