Diamond Nexus featured couple is Seanna and Jackie!

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

Our relationship has been fast to the world, but for us it has been just right. Seanna and I met January 19, 2013 in New Jersey at a mutual friends birthday bash. Before we had gone our separate ways the following day, we had the most awkward kiss in the history of first kisses. She ended up hitting my tooth, although she will say that it was my fault, it was defiantly hers!!

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

We didn't really have conversations till it was closer to the time we would see each other again in February at another birthday bash for the same friends. A couple days before I was supposed to go, my daughter and I were moving into another smaller apartment.

I had no energy to drive all the way to New Jersey again, but my best friend Rachael talked me into it, knowing the connection that Seanna and I were starting to grow and seeing how ridiculously giddy I was getting.

I made that long drive to New Jersey once again, but this time nervous, it was crazy how my feelings for Seanna had grown and how much we had in common! I had never put myself out there and opened up about so much to another person, but talking to her was like I knew her my whole life. It was easy and fun.There was never a moment of silence without laughter afterwards.

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

After the second party I was hooked, the way I felt when I was around her and this side that came out of me that I haven't seen in years, was so reassuring. Had I just found the person I was meant to be with? It's so crazy to think about falling in love with someone, but to love them after only a little over a month of knowing them? I didn't think it was possible.

Another couple weeks went by, I had drill upstate New York right around where she lived along with the friends that introduced us. She had stayed with me at the hotel that weekend, had our first real date, without our friends, not even going to lie it was awkward at first and I was extremely nervous, randomly talking about absolutely nothing!

The weekend had passed, it was a very long drill weekend with nonstop working. I went to her house after to say my goodbyes and ended up falling asleep, she didn't want me to take the 2.5 hour drive home by myself so she offered to come with me and take the next bus out of Hartford some days later. We got to my new apartment late that night, my daughter was asleep on the couch, I paid the babysitter and laid next to her. I missed her so much!!

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

Seanna tells me all the time that the moment she saw me with my daughter, Alyssa-Rea, thats when she knew she loved me. The following days were not crazy or weird I went to work and she hung out at the house, even played with Alyssa when she had a snow day. They bonded so fast!

I've never seen my daughter take to someone as quick as she did with Seanna, they were inseparable. Seeing her with Seanna and the love they had for each other was the most amazing moments I have ever seen my entire life.

Seanna never took a bus back to New York, she had stayed at the house and took over "mommy duties" while I worked full time and went to school 4 nights out of the week. In April I had asked her to move in with us, her answer was yes but only when she had a job.

Funny part is that she found one a week after I returned in May! Talk about something's being meant to be huh?

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

It's funny because she always told me that she didn't believe in getting married, that a piece of paper wasn't going to prove or show how much we loved each other, me being the girly girl I am wanted to have that big day! I slowly stopped thinking about it, but as I did that she was plotting to ask me, going behind my back to my family and getting permission from them.

The biggest being my father and brother, but she did it and they approve. There's no better feeling in the world than having my families blessing, we are all really close.

I have never loved someone with my soul before, I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life, making that almost 4 hour drive and her coming back with me that drill weekend.

My daughter has never been so happy or proud to have 2 mommies, she thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. I couldn't ask for a better life, fiancé daughter or family.

Diamond Nexus Featured Couple

With that being said I just knew I had to have a ring from the Diamond Nexus Love Equally Collection. I will be surprising Seanna with a Diamond Nexus band and I can't wait to see the look on her face!

Diamond Nexus wants to thank Alyssa Collazo for allowing us to use her beautiful photography of this amazing couple~ We wish Jackie, Seanna and their daughter all the best in their new life together!

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