Bridal Tips: From one bride to another!

We asked our wonderful friends on social media, "What advice would you give to future brides?"Here's what they had to say:

1. Focus on your marriage, not your wedding. The wedding is one (hopefully wonderful) day. The marriage is everyday, hopefully for a very long time. - Kristin H.

2. The day of, don't let anything stress you out. Let other people do the worrying. You just do the looking awesome and being in love, etc. -Cozette M.

3. RELAX!!! Don't stress out about everything!! Just enjoy the day. -Laura Jane K.

4. Be nice to your bridesmaids! They are there to help you enjoy the day and de-stress! Don't take a bridezilla tantrum out on them. -Lacey P.

5. You can never have enough hairspray! - Melissa T.

6. Lots of brides choose to get their make up professionally done. If you do this, make sure you meet with them before hand and buy extras that you'll need i.e. Lipstick and mascara! - Nicole V.

7. Hire a planner! - Ally B.

What advice do you have for Brides-to-be?